Libby Valluzzi

Violinist, Singer-Songwriter


A violinist since age 9, Libby's musical creativity has evolved and flourished in her 18 years of practice. As a teenager she performed at recitals and competitions frequently, and  finished her years of classical training by organizing and performing a solo recital of highly-technical pieces.  She then branched off and started composing her own harmonizing and lead instrumentals by joining various bands. Libby feels that her ability to simply "jump in" to songs and intuitively hear hidden lines within a song is a gift that she loves sharing with others.  Because of her intense training and years of experience in music, she sees the violin as an extension of her self, and so knows exactly how to make any sound that she desires.  Libby feels so incredibly blessed to be able to express herself musically, and even more blessed that this expression is enjoyed by others.  

Libby is also a singer-songwriter.  In 2013, while living in the Central-California Redwoods with a group of environmental educators, Libby's friends taught her a few chords on the guitar, mostly just to help her "fill a role" as a basic guitarist for simple children's songs.  That initial lesson turned into a deep and persistent desire to learn and excel in this new instrument.  Eventually Libby combined her intuitive ability to hear and create musical melodies with her skills as a guitarist, and she began writing songs.  In 2015 she recorded and released her first album, "Follow Me Home", and in Autumn 2016 released her second, "If I Were a Bird".  

Libby lives on Lopez Island in a little cabin in the woods built by her sweetie, where she happily spends her time running a non-profit children's outdoor environmental education program called "Muddy Boots" growing an abundance of food in the garden, wandering the forest in search of beauty and health, designing and sewing her own clothing, and of course playing and writing music.